Traction engine , wagon,  road roller, portable and stationary steam engines for sale.



Aveling & Porter Steam Road Roller

1925, 8 ton single cylinder engine. In good all round condition. Fitted with twin injectors & pickering governor. I believe only four owners from new. With current boiler paperwork.





Ruston Proctor 8hp portable

1912 engine.

Beautifully turned out and with current boiler certificate. Ready to rally.








 Clayton & Shuttleworth 8hp portable

1910 engine. A very complete engine with all its original fittings. It is in incredible condition.

One of the best that I have had here.

Boiler inspection report available. The engine has been steamed and had some restoration work already completed. The tubes are currently removed for inspection purposes and now needs re-tubing. I have all the original lagging sheets that can be re-fitted so she can be kept in her 'working clothes'.



Peerless portable

A very small, smart engine built by the Geiser Manufacturing Company of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, USA.



 Complete and in good all round condition.




Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies 6hp portable SOLD

1909 engine. Completely restored with new firebox, tubeplate, smokebox, fully refurbished motionwork, hydraulic test and current steam test.


A very smart, medium sized engine in fantastic condition. 



 Marshall 10hp portable

1911 engine. A good sized engine for a days work. Requires full restoration, some of which has been started. Pickering governors, pump and clack for injector, chimney winch. Boiler inspection report available.






Marshall 4hp Britannia
a very complete engine, with all the brass work and pump.

more photos and dimensions HERE
Other portable engines sometimes available.



Bellis & Morcom Engine

Single cylinder verticle enclosed type engine.

Approx. 52" tall, complete with mechanical lubricator and rev. counter. Coupled to an Electomotors dynamo.



Quad Track for Traction Engine Wheels
Measures 30" wide, total length over approx 20'9".
Enough to cover 6'6" traction engine rear wheels.
Very good condition.

 Mather & Platt Dynamo
complete dynamo with adjusting rails.


Marshall Traction Engine Wheels

A pair 6'6" x 20" wide. Very good condition.

Also pair Marshall hubs only. Both have had the T-rings cut off at some point.




Belt driven Lathe
 A really good piece of machinery. Was 'in use' until removed from the workshop. Complete with big face plate. 10' bed plus steady, 21" radius.